Our Story

RCC was born out of a Wednesday night prayer meeting that “accidentally” turned into a church by 2004. It was initially formed by a set of local families that felt called to start a simple church where the Bible would be preached, and global missionaries would be supported.

In April 2010, Matt Miller was brought on as the first Lead Pastor for the church and began to shift the focus, energy, and direction of the church mission.
Over the next 5 years, the church grew and continued to clarify its purpose, and deepen its community. In 2012, our church moved into a local public school, where we remained for 6 years.

2017 was a year of stabilizing community, re-structuring leadership, and stepping out into new ministry partnerships. Our church, along with another local church, started the “Conversations” movement, meant to initiate conversations about the racial tension and divide in our local community and the church.

In 2018, we received an unexpected request by the elementary school that was hosting us on Sunday mornings. We were asked to vacate their facility 2 years ahead of schedule, which brought about a substantial crisis as we sought to find a place to relocate 350+ people on short notice.

By God’s grace and miraculous door-opening, we were able to secure a new location. With the generous and sacrificial buy-in of over 100 families, we raised nearly $1 million in less than a year to build out our current facility, located in the heart of Roswell.

We moved in with a great deal of celebration and a sense of renewed momentum in November 2018.